If the light is completely out, please make sure you check the headlight connections. Quite often during installation the headlight connections are not secured in place and after miles of riding the connector from the LED headlights to your factory headlight socket may have come loose. You can check to make sure the connection is secure by disconnecting the light connector from the factory headlight socket and reconnect. In most cases, during installation there was not enough slack left for the wiring to move freely and after a few rides the connector can come loose because of the tautness. Make sure there is a good connection with some slack to the cables.

There are a few more troubleshooting tips:

· Test the light by plugging the non-working light into the opposite light socket that is working and see if the light comes on.
· You can also check the "low beam" fuse to make sure that it has not gone out. See image below for location of the fuse. The high beam fuse is located above the low beam.