Please run thru this check list and make sure that these steps have been checked. Most common questions regarding the GL18RFL is listed below.


Although these lights are LED, they still need a certain amount of power to operate.

The most common reason why your GL18RFL DRL/Driving light kit is not working properly is because there is not enough power being sent to the unit. The ENGINE must be on for both lights to work properly.
After installation, be sure to start the engine in a well ventilated area. NEVER start your engine in the garage/shop with the door closed.

ISSUE: The driving lights, turn signal lights, or daytime running lights won't come on or only one side is on?

1. Please turn the engine ON and check the lights. With the engine off, there may not be enough power to bring the lights up to work correctly.

2. Please check the “white” DRL wire or “amber” DRL wire if one of the lights are not on. Re-check the Posi-tap connections, we have found that sometimes when you don’t tighten it thru all the way, there is not a good connection. The jacket of the wire may not have been punctured all the way for a good connection. Make sure that there is a good connection with the live wire and the feed wire on the Posi-taps.

If steps 1 and 2 does not resolve the problem, there is possibly not a good ground on the lights. Go to Step 3...

3. Remove the fog light and connect it to a 12v battery source. Make sure the “Black” ground wire inside the Honda connector on the fog light kit has ground. Then plug in the white wire to positive
(+), it should light up.
If it does light up then there is not a good connection on your bike and recheck steps 1 and 2.

These lights have been factory tested before shipping. It is common that the steps above should resolve the issue.
If the steps above do not resolve the issue: please email our Service Department for further assistance:

If it is necessary, an RMA number will be issued in order to return the unit for replacement (If under warranty). Packages returned without an authorized RMA number will not be warranted.

The installation video shows (2) 20mm and (1) 16mm spacer and my kit came with (2) 16mm and (1) 20mm spacer, which one is correct? The actual kit or the video?

The actual kit which comes with (2) 16mm and (1) 20mm spacer is the correct parts.

These (spacers/collars) are for the LEFT side only. 2 medium collars (16mm) are for TOP and BOTTOM. The 1 long collar (20mm) is for the MIDDLE. These collars can evenly move the LEFT fog light forward toward the lower cowl and decrease the gap in between.