Troubleshooting Info
Common Troubleshooting Questions

If you have Common Troubleshooting questions, please see below. If you have a question that is not listed, please contact us via email for the quickest response time and we will be happy to assist you:

CAUTION! - NEVER START YOUR MOTORCYCLE UNLESS YOU ARE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. Only start the engine when you are in a well-ventilated area or if you are working in your garage please make certain that your garage door is fully open.


If you are having a problem with your lights, do not panic. Our system is completely PLUG N PLAY. Which means you can easily revert back to your stock lighting by removing the new bulb then simply place your old stock bulb back and connect the power connector from your bike back to the bulb. Contact for the replacement part after you’ve troubleshoot the problem.
For HID kits, it can only be the Bulb, Ballast or cable. If your system came with a 2nd ballast (ie: Road Glides, Newer Street Glides, then try that ballast. You can leave everything in-tact, you don’t have to remove anything from the bike other than the bulb.


Question - After installation, one or both of my lights does not come on?
Please try the following steps below as this is the most common problem experienced by customers.


  • Did you start your engine? Engine should be running with lights on.
  • Did you check all connections? Make sure connections are secure.
  • Did you try flipping the bi-xenon wiring cable? Orange plug(s) are reversible.
    (see image below)

Continue to steps below if all above has been checked and still no lights:

Step A.

HIDs require a certain amount of power (amp) at start-up, then normalizes once the engine is running. In some cases, it could be because the battery from the motorcycle is not at 100%. Try starting the engine so that the lights can get the amount of power it needs to light up.

If Step A does not work, move on to Step B.

Step B.

With the engine running, flip the orange connector plug from the Bi-xenon wiring cable around. This is the end that goes into the ballast. The polarity is likely reversed. Once you have flipped the cable over, please re-check your lights. If you had shut off your engine at any point, please re-start the engine and check the lights. Please see photo below .

Note: HID lighting requires a certain amount of juice during start up but quickly drops when the engine is running. In general, HIDs do not use as much power as your standard stock halogen bulbs as the system is running at 35w at about 3.2amps per ballast.

Question - Tried Step A & Step B, and my lights still do not come on?
If your motorcycle HID kit came with 2 Ballasts and 2 Bulbs, and only one light is on, try swapping the ballast from the side that is working, to the side that is NOT working. This will determine if it is the bulb OR the ballast that needs to be replaced. Try plugging the ballast from the working side to the HID bulb side that is not working. If the bulb lights up, then we need to replace the ballast. If the bulb does not light up, then the bulb needs replacement.

Honda GL1500 installation (3-Prong Male Plug) ONLY:
Question - The 3-Prong Male Plug does not fit into my motorcycle's 4-Prong Female Plug, is this the wrong plug for my GL1500?

After removing your headlight and replacing your stock bulbs with the new HID bulbs, locate the 3-Prong Female Plug from your motorcycle. (This is the same connector that you just disconnected your stock bulbs from.) If you are looking at a 4-Prong Female Plug, then you are looking at the wrong plug. You will need to locate your motorcycle's 3-Prong Female Plug and connect the Male 3-Prong Plug from the supplied Bi-Xenon wiring cable.

Question - How to determine which Ballast version I have?
Please refer to the images below to identify your ballast: